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Регистрирующее устройство для датчиков 3B NETlog™ (230 В, 50/60 Гц)

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 87829
Доступность: Под заказ
Артикул: 1000540

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: U11300-230

  • 39 916.02 грн.

Регистрирующее устройство для датчиков 3B NETlog™ (230 В, 50/60 Гц)
3B NETlog™ can be used as an interface for data acquisition linked to a computer, or as a hand held instrument with a data-logger for measurements of current and voltage or in combination with various sensors. It incorporates sensor connectors with automatic identification of sensors. It can be connected to a computer via USB or connected directly to a network via an optional Ethernet port of its own. Includes USB cable and installation CD with data transfer program and plug in power supply.
Voltage inputs:
Channels: 2 Differential amplifiers (A and B)
Measuring ranges: 0 - ±200 mV, 0 - ±2 V, 0 - ±20 V
Connectors: Two twin 4 mm safety sockets
Current input:
Channel: Parallel to A
Measuring ranges: 0 - ±200 mA, 0 - ±2 A
Connector: One twin 4 mm safety socket
Analog sensor inputs:
Channels: 2 (A and B)
Connectors: Two 8-pin miniDIN sockets
Sensor identification
and calibration: Automatic
Triggering: Quasi-continuous
Sampling rate: 50 kilosamples/s
Resolution: 12 bit
Voltage outputs:
Channels: 2 (A’ and B’), with common ground connection
Voltage amplitude: 0 - ±5 V
Connectors: Two twin 4 mm safety sockets
Analogue sensor outputs:
Channels: 2 (A’ und B’)
Connectors: Two 8 pin miniDIN sockets
Sampling rate: 10 kilosamples/s
Resolution: 12 bit
Digital Inputs:
Channels: 4 (A, B, C, D)
B: TTL, high-speed sampling rate, 100 kilosamples/s
C, D: High-speed optical coupler (galvanically isolated)
Connector: One 8 pin miniDIN socket
Digital outputs:
Channels: 6 (A’, B’, C’, D’, E’, F’)
Signal: TTL
Connector: One 8 pin miniDIN socket
Additional data:
Computer connection: USB port
Internal data storage: 128 k
Monitor display: Large display (64 x 122) for data on all channels
Power supply: 4.5 V DC/300 mA
or 3 batteries LR6 AA
alternatively 3 NiCd or 3 NiMH rechargeable batteries

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