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Стол с воздушной подушкой (230 В, 50/60 Гц)

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 88026
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Артикул: 1013210

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: U405002-230

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Стол с воздушной подушкой (230 В, 50/60 Гц)
Experiment topics:

• Newton's equations of motion
• Conservation of momentum and energy
• Elastic and inelastic collisions between equal and different masses
• Harmonic motion and coupled harmonic motion
• Trajectories
• Magnetic repulsion

Air-Cushion Table
The air-cushion table possesses a flat glass surface serving as a base for recording paper and carbon paper. Compressed air is supplied to the pucks via light hoses. The air emerges from the bottom of the pucks, making them hover over the recording paper.
The motion of the pucks is traced by means of spark recording. The air hoses contain thin metal chains via which a connection to the spark generator is established. The sparks jump over from a contact in the center of the puck, leaving marks on the recording paper.
As the pucks weigh 550 grams, their motion is not affected by the hoses or the attached spark wire.

1 Experiment table with a glass surface, 580x580 mm?
1 Spark generator with a footswitch
1 Compressor with a hose
2 Steel pucks, 75 mm dia., 550 g
2 Puck collars with velcro fastener
2 Springs
1 Auxiliary puck weight, 150 g
1 Edge pulley, 45 mm dia.
1 Centre rod with sucker
1 Set of plotter paper
1 Set of special carbon paper
1 Operating manual
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