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Растительная клетка (цитология)

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 87161
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Артикул: 1004411

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: W13848

  • 3 012.42 грн.

Растительная клетка (цитология)
Comprising: 6 Microscope Slides in Plastic Box,
Brochure with explanatory text, Cardboard box

1. Epidermis of Allium cepa (onion), w.m. showing
simple plant cells with cell walls, nuclei and cytoplasm
- 2. Fruit of Pyrus (pear) t.s. showing stone cells
(sclerenchyma cells) - 3. Tuber of Solanum (potato)
t.s. shows cork and starch grains - 4. Cucurbita pepo
(pumpkin) l.s. of stem showing vascular bundles with
sieve tubes, spiral and annular vessels, sclerenchyma
fibres - 5. Anthers of Lilium (lily), t.s. showing
pollen sacs and pollen grains - 6. Ovary of Lilium
(lily), t.s. showing arrangement of ovules and

The student sets comprise:
1. Set of selected prepared microscope slides in plastic box. Prepared Microscope Slides are made in our laboratories under rigourous scientific control. They are the product of long experience combined with the most up to date techniques.
2.Textbook with detailed description of all slides, drawings and transparencies. The Textbooks are intended to help you make more effective use of our teaching material both in the classroom and during individual study. They provide a description of the morphological structures involved, making it considerably easier to look for and
find the relevant spots in the microscope slides. They also furnish information regarding systematic and physiological relationships and general biological principles, as well as stimulating classroom interpretation and didactic use of the observations made.
3.Special cardboard box for storing and packing.
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