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Маятник Фуко (230 В, 50/60 Гц)

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 88148
Доступность: Под заказ
Артикул: 1000748

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: U8403000-230

  • 386 851.98 грн.

Маятник Фуко (230 В, 50/60 Гц)
Experiment topics
• Pendulum oscillations
• Rotation of the earth
• Coriolis force

Pendulum for qualitative and quantitative demonstration of the rotation of the earth by means of observing the plane of oscillation.
To prevent the oscillation taking an elliptical path, the thread upon which the pendulum bob is suspended impinges on a Charron ring during each oscillation. The plane of the oscillation is detected with high accuracy by projecting the shadow of the thread onto a protractor scale. The rotation of the plane can thus be identified in a very short period of time. For longer periods of observation, the gradual damping of the oscillation can be compensated for by means of an electro-magnetic boost that can be adjusted to an arbitrary value.
The apparatus is presented in decorative fashion inside a box with all sides made of glass that is lit from inside to make for a very eye-catching appearance.
Length of pendulum: 1200 mm
Mass of pendulum: 230 g
Diameter: 38 mm
Vertical alignment: By means of four height-adjustable feet
Angular resolution: 0.1°
Dimensions: 400x400x1400 mm?
Mass: approx. 40 kg
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