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Машина Атвуда

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 88000
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Артикул: 1003367

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: U40550

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Машина Атвуда
Experiment for studying motion under constant acceleration, demonstrating Newton's second law and determining the acceleration due to gravity g. Includes an aluminium stand for affixing to a wall.
A string with weights at both ends is passed over a rotating pulley. The set-up undergoes relatively slow but constant acceleration if the weights are slightly different. This motion is initiated by a tug on one string and stops when the dropping weight strikes a movable platform. To show the rotation of the pulley, it is divided into 20 segments of equal angle. It can easily be removed to measure its moment of inertia.
Axis: Mounted on ball bearing
Diameter of pulley: 152 mm
Thickness of pulley: 10 mm
Weights: 150 g each
Slotted weights: 1 x 5 g, 2 x 2 g, 1 x 1 g each
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