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Двойное лабороторное устройство для электрофореза ДНК

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 87261
Доступность: Под заказ
Артикул: 1005878

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: W48923

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Двойное лабороторное устройство для электрофореза ДНК

This set contains all you need for any classroom DNA electrophoresis experiments!
The DNA electrophoresis tanks are durable and injection-moulded horizontal units designed for ease of use and safety. Included with the unit are two 6-Tooth combs and a double 8/10-Tooth comb allowing separation of up to 16 samples simultaneously. The 7 x 14 cm gel casting tray has an embossing gel ruler and includes innovative rubber end caps which seal the tray making gel casting easier than ever! Both the electrophoresis chamber and the gel casting tray are UV transparent.
The Dual Power Source (70/125 V) is designed for DNA or protein electrophoresis. The unit generates DC power of 70 or 125 volts with a maximum current of 250 mA. It is equipped with an easily replaceable slow burn fuse and is CE approved. The variable micropipettes are sturdily designed with volumes ranging from 5 to 50µl. They are very precise and use standard disposable micropipette tips. They are simple to use. A tool and instructions are included for self-calibration.
Supplied with: 2 Horizontal Electrophoresis Apparatus (one 7 x 14 cm gel tray in each), 1 Dual Power Source (70/125 V for 1 or 2 units) and 2 Variable Micropipettes (5 - 50 µl).

With this appliance you can conduct the following electrophoretic experiments with your students:

W55795 Genetic Diagnosis of Cancer Lab

W55797 Diagnosing Gene Defects

W55798 DNA Forensics

W55800 Simulating DNA Paternity Testing

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