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Анализ на ВИЧ/СПИД методом ELISA

Производитель: 3B Scientific
Код товара: 87352
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Артикул: 1005974

Учебное оборудование. Дополнительный код: W59841

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Анализ на ВИЧ/СПИД методом ELISA
AIDS - an important topic already for middle school students! But how does an AIDS test work?

The students study the immunobiological phenomenon of the antigen-antibody reaction. They learn that the ELISA immunoassay is an important tool to detect the HI virus. They simulate ELISA screenings with artificial blood serum of 10 fictitious individuals to determine their HIV status. In this way, they gain insight into the field of immunobiology and the particular meanings of terms such as "positive" and "negative" and "false positive" and "false negative". The students get to know basic concepts of immunobiology and understand how the ELISA HIV screening test works. They observe simulated ELISA antibody-antigen reactions and finally analyze the ELISA test result.

Supplied with 3 comboplates, 8 Micro-spatulas, 3 Plastic pipets, 1 Vial with glass beads coated with simulated HIV antigen, Simulated anti-human antibody enzyme linked conjugate (10 ml), 2 Simulated chromagen (10 ml), 9 Simulated patients sera (10 ml), 1 Simulated negative control serum (10 ml), 1 Simulated low positive control serum (10 ml), 1 Simulated high positive control serum (10 ml), description in German and English language

30x22x10 cm- 1,5 kg
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